Other Jewelry Services

Jewelry buying consultation

It is intimidating buying jewelry for the first time, especially when buying in the Diamond District for the first time. We can help make this process seem easy, so you know what to look out for and basically, how NOT to get ripped off. We do not buy or sell, so our advice is unbiased. We feel it is part of our responsibility to educate the consumer and clear up any misconceptions and shed new light on an otherwise stressful and potentially complicated process.

Verbal pre-grade/evaluation

You found a piece of jewelry or a diamond you like. Get it looked at before spending a dime on it. It is very common for consumers shopping in the Diamond District to feel uneasy about trusting the person that may be selling them a diamond or jewelry item. The best thing you as a consumer can do before you buy is have it looked at before spending your hard earned cash, in order to verify what was being represented to you is accurate. We will go into detail to make sure you understand not only the quality, but also the value and what you should be paying. This is simply protecting yourself and your investment.

Legal Statement/Expert Witness

From time to time, we are called upon by attorneys to give a statement of authenticity or quality to help aid in a litigation settlement. We will travel off site and help make any necessary, written or verbal statements, in order to provide the case with the most accurate information possible.

Professional Photograph

Have an EBay store or your own online website where you sell jewelry? The best thing to do for yourself is have quality photos taken of each item. We have an on staff photographer that will provide you with professional, crisp, and well laid out images of any gemstone or jewelry item you may have. Jewelry and gemstones are essentially made up of tiny little mirrors, which reflect light in every imaginable direction, making it nearly impossible to capture the full essence of a piece without proper equipment and training. If Photoshop work is required, we have an on staff professional to help you with that as well.

Laser Inscription

Laser inscriptions are microscopic and can not be seen to the naked eye. Typically inscribed on the girdle of the gemstone, this type of service can be requested for personal messages to be inscribed, or for identification purposes by inscribing a lab report number which correlates to the identity of the gemstone.

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